Hatched Art

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This is a work-in-progress based on my dream to preserve some of the awesomely cute and overabundant art, creations, findings and treasures of the Hatchlings. They are constantly asking me to save this rock or keep this flower or take a picture of this leaf, and my pockets and cabinets are overflowing. Add to that the mountain of paintings, drawings and school projects and we have a bonafide fire hazard in our house. Here’s hoping this can work as a repository for all these things, as well as a keepsake file. If so, when the Hatchlings grow up, they won’t have to throw away all the paper they would be amazed that I’d kept for so long.

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TMH Pics

Painting our bird houses given to us by a special friend.

So what did I get him for our 16th anniversary? Why, new farm boots, of course. (Just to be clear, the message read, "Thanks for Muckin Through 16 Years.") #SoRomantic

Sweet 16! #WrigleyField #TimeFlies

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