Why I’m Glad We Splurged on our Wedding Pictures

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August 29, 2015 by themommahen


Seventeen years ago. Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were in a homerun race that didn’t require an asterisk yet; we lived in a city we loved, near some of our closest friends and those who were yet to become our closest friends, with no shortage of dollar beer and burger nights; and all four of our parents were vibrantly full of life. The economy was booming, airports were places you could have intimate goodbyes and joyful hellos, right at the gate; and we were so sure of how our future would unfold.

Much has changed.

It’s easy to forget those two kids we were then. To get dragged down in the daily grind. To get pulled between competing interests. To sometimes forget that we’re on the same team. To point fingers and place blame. To get stuck in the mire and muck of could’ves, should’ves and would’ves.

That’s why, all these years later, I’m thankful that we didn’t go cheap on the wedding photography. Because I look back on these pictures that so adequately captured the emotions of that day seventeen years ago, and I remember.

The butterflies, the anticipation, the fun, the joy.

The love.



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