Happy Beerthday

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June 27, 2014 by themommahen

True love is realizing you’re nearly out of beer on The Husband’s birthday so you load the kids up to go to the store after carefully calculating whether or not you can make it back before the brownies burn and you decide you can if you go to the gas station with the beer cave because it’ll be less busy on a Friday at five than the grocery store so then you get there and make the kids wait outside the beer cave because you know it makes you look like a better mom to not let them go in and plus it’s probably illegal or something and then you realize they’re behind you because they’ve never been in a little room so cold before and they like the door that automatically opens and closes so you shoo them out and get in line for the one cashier who is open and the lady in line lets you go first because she’s just there to play the lottery and you’re thinking “whew, I’m really going to do this” and then it’s your turn to pay and you realize as you open your purse that you LEFT. YOUR. WALLET!  next to the computer because you just renewed your almost overdue license plate online and your relief turns to horror because  everyone in line is looking at you because now you’re THAT mom with three kids and all you’re buying is beer and you can’t even pay for it so you try to slink out like it’s no big deal but your youngest screams “I NEED TO GO POOPY!” and then you race home to SAVE THE BROWNIES FOR GOODNESS SAKE and you find out once you get back home that there was beer all along in the cooler.

Cheers and happy birthday to the one, the only, The Husband.


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