Strawberry Pickin’

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May 20, 2014 by themommahen

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On the heels of my very boring post, according to The Husband, here’s another one without many words. And without much thought, too, come to think of it. We’re on Day #2 of Summer Vacation, and I’ve certainly learned my lesson from trying to chronicle too much too often from last year’s Days of Summer project. However, my burnout aside, I have to remember why I started this blog: To chronicle slices of our lives. To remember the quiet moments. To document the milestones. To record my “voice.” To give my children insight someday down the road when they wonder, “what the heck was Mom thinking that day when…”

So I’m back and trying to be more “present” here. I’ve had a bunch of thoughts today. How is it summer break already? Why am I not more prepared? How am I going to get all this clutter organized? When will I ever start planning meals? Why didn’t anyone tell me that teen attitude starts so early? Who thought strawberry picking with a 3yo was a good idea? Where did my usually pretty big reserve of patience go?

And then I stopped and thought, “Why can’t I just stop thinking?”

Because please tell me when did my babies get so big? Why do the years go by so fast? Why not let homemade ice cream and fresh-picked berries count as lunch? How many days do you get before schedules are packed, other priorities take over or, God forbid, it’s just too late?

It’s not always possible to turn the voices off. But we can ignore them for a little while.

So go outside and eat lunch — have ice cream if you want! Fold the laundry tomorrow, put off the furniture rearranging, look past the clutter of your well-lived and well-loved life and do something spontaneous and fun.

It’s good for the soul. And those who love you.

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