Tree Huggers

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January 27, 2014 by themommahen

I know, I know. They should come straight home and do their homework to get it over with, no excuses, but the weather’s been so lousy and the Hatchlings have been so sick, that when they came home today and it was 63 degrees I didn’t even hesitate in saying, “Homework later, outside time first.”

Outside time turned into “saving a tree” time. There was a poor little pine tree all drooped over and loose in the roots. Hatchling #1 noticed it, and quickly got Hatchlings #2 and #3 on board.


They did it all completely by themselves, from plan formulation to finish, and never stopped even when I unwittingly doubted their mission, telling them we really probably didn’t have time to save a tree.


H#1 just looked at me and said, “You really think so, huh?”


A few minutes later I heard her singing a song that sounded like it went something like, “She said it wouldn’t work, that there’s not enough time, but I know we can if we. just. tryyyyy.” It also sounded suspiciously like it could have been part of the Frozen soundtrack.

So they shoveled and dug and carried dirt and filled the hole and filled up a water jug and watered its roots, all while I watched and thought about how futile it was, really, what with the location of the tree, the condition of the soil and the approaching winter storm that’s supposed to be here tomorrow.

And when they were done, the Hatchlings all high-fived and my eldest turned and looked at me, triumphant in her victory.

“You know Mommy, when I saved that little tree, I kind of got tears in my eyes.”


Oh. Well. Now me too.

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