Proof I Lost My Doggone Mind Again


January 24, 2014 by themommahen

You may remember we had two Furballs. We got the first one about two years ago at a cookout held by our local farmer we get most of our meat from. Furball #2 came home with us from Paris, Illinois last summer. Then he disappeared, and with his disappearance, and ultimately heartbreaking discovery, came a reawakening of just why dogs are a person’s best friend.

Furball #1 shared in our heartbreak, and we knew soon after Furball #2 was gone that we would need to get another one quickly. We just didn’t want to jump in too quickly. After all, the last two were such good dogs and we literally walked out of unsuspecting situations with both of them, without any forethought.

The story this time is in the midst of the two older Hatchlings recovering from pneumonia, and the youngest recovering from a screaming double ear infection, on the coldest day on record here in years, we drove to a farm on a tip from my mom. And now here we are, with Furball #3. And pondering fences. Send any tips our way. (And thoughts of patience for us as we go through the puppy stage for the second time in six months.)

One thought on “Proof I Lost My Doggone Mind Again

  1. elizabeth says:

    so cute..enjoy.

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