She’s 8!

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January 9, 2014 by themommahen

I’ve been gone from here a long time, mainly due to the usual busy-ness and business that comes with parenthood and being human. For the last couple months, though, our household has once again been consumed by taking care of sick kids. This time was a little different though, as we’ve been battling pneumonia.


A scary word, pneumonia. One that if you let yourself read too much about it, you realize just how lucky we are to have come so far that it no longer means automatic hospitalization or worse. But one still scary enough that your pediatrician tells you to either call them or go to the ER if the patient spikes a fever while also having pneumonia. And scary enough to make you use a stethoscope every day to listen for the telltale snap, crackle, pop and wheezing that accompanies it. And scary enough to result in breathing treatments on a nebulizer.


We haven’t been able to kick it yet, but we got word this week that it’s getting better. H#1 had it the worst — her lungs haven’t been clear since the first of November — but H#2 got in on the action too. It doesn’t seem fair, really, considering what the girl went through when she was born. Our fears that her spontaneous pneumothorax may somehow be to blame for this were allayed by a clear chest x-ray, however. (Whew)


H#3 has been pneumonia-free, but was kind enough to get a sympathy double-ear infection. As a result, the older two have been out of school for a month — one week before break, two weeks for break and a week after. With the clearance to go back to school Monday, the normal back-to-school jitters have started for everyone.


But for one day, after yet another a trip to the doctor, we were able to forget about being sick, going back to school, the bitter cold and the lost Christmas break. Because it was her birthday. And she’s eight. How did that happen?


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