The end is merely the beginning

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August 14, 2013 by themommahen

We ended the summer much the same way we began.

TMH DOS Day 64

Day 64: Breakfast alfresco, rockstar pose, Toy Story playtime, our 10-minute hummingbird encounter, The Pool

With a conscious choice, discussed with and decided by the Hatchlings, to not schedule anything the final week of summer break.

TMH DOS Day 65

Day 65: Games, games, games, sand and water fun, lizard observing

It was refreshing, after all the busy-ness of having fun this summer, to have a week to just be.

TMH DOS Day 66

Day 66: Lunch out, library magic show (no pictures because it was too loud for H#3), The Pool (no pictures because my hands were full) and bedtime story with Daddy

To go to a cool local place for the Hatchlings’ favorite lunch. To go to the pool. To catch bugs and butterflies and a hummingbird. Yes, a hummingbird.

To reunite with family and meet cousins for the first time and ride in a canoe. Without Mommy and Daddy. Yes, a canoe without Mommy and Daddy.

TMH DOS Day 67

Day 67: Checkers, breakfast-making, family reunion, canoeing, moth-spotting

To lounge and laze and build and splash and sweat and run and read and swing and draw and sip and nibble. And then maybe sneak in a haircut.

TMH DOS Day 68

Day 68: Lazy, lazy, lazy. But here’s evidence of haircuts.

The school year almost caught us off-guard, these 70 days feeling more like seven, but we piled into the minivan and found some shoes that we can walk in without curling up our toes and a new outfit or two we can hopefully grow into and not out of, and then we found ourselves racing to school for the Open House to find out the answer to the question “who’s my teacher and who’s in my class?”

TMH DOS Day 69

Day 69: School shopping, new shoes, Open House

And on the last day of summer break. The final day of freedom, Day 70 of our 70 Days of Summer project, we found ourselves back at school for a teacher appreciation lunch. My plan was to be there for an hour, 90 minutes at the most, and then we would go have our last hurrah doing whatever fun activity the Hatchlings chose. They chose to stay at school. For two more hours.

TMH DOS Day 70

Day 70: Cricket in the house (good luck), washing new school outfits, playing at school, early supper, ready for first day

As they sat in H#1’s new kindergarten class (also H#2’s old kindergarten class) building with Legos and Magformers and reading books, I kept feeling the tug and hearing the tick-tock of the summer clock.

“Hurry, time’s running out. You’re going to miss it. It’ll be gone soon. It’s almost over.”

I wanted to echo that whisper out loud to the Hatchlings, but I fought the urge and asked them a couple of times if they were ready.

“No, Mommy! We’re having fun!”

I marveled at this. Why would they want to be in school on their last day? And I realized, it’s because they don’t have our adult sense of time. They thankfully don’t know or understand the caged-in feeling of being inside and longing to be outside. For me to emphasize and point out that “this is it — it’s almost over” would be to project my own feelings on to them and to teach them that feeling of dread all adults know too well in certain situations.

That same feeling we tell others to try and be positive about and look on the bright side of.

One door closes, another opens…It’s not the end, it’s a new beginning…Change is good, embrace it.

And, hey, at least they were feeling good about their school and not having that dread us adults know so well. So we stayed and played with the toys for a couple of hours, and came home to get ready to go back for the first real day.

And this morning, in the spirit of embracing change, I gave a big hug to my new 2nd grader and kindergartener.



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