Days turn into weeks


August 7, 2013 by themommahen

I’ve already written about the week that was almost lost. What I didn’t realize was that it was becoming a thing with this 70 Days of Summer project.


Day 55: Swimming lessons, friends over, gardening, bubbles with Granny

As the summer comes closer to an end, I find myself more hesitant to document the days. I take less pictures. I write less. I’ve all but quit organizing the photos I have taken. I have fallen back to using my phone to take pictures and then rely on my photo grid app to put them together. I’ve become lazy.


Day 56: No nap pool day, a pound of bacon, bell ringing and singing at the top of our lungs, bomber moth

Or have I?


Day 57: Yet more swimming lessons, camera shy, snake face, serious dinner conversation

A while back I was talking to my mom about whatever plans we had for the coming week, expressing some frustration about something, I don’t remember what, but in a moment of self-conscious awareness, I called out how silly whatever it was. Mom thought for a minute and reassured me it wasn’t silly. Then she said out loud what I haven’t admitted during all this.


Day 58: Last day of swimming lessons, beach trip for a family wedding, lots of selfies with the Hatchlings

I’m fighting time.


Day 59: NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores

Hatchling #2 starts kindergarten this year. In eight days. Next week. And I’m painfully in denial. For several reasons. No one told me it actually might get harder after you send your first one off to school. I should be used to this. I’ve been through it. Twice if you count Hatchling #1’s preschool in Chicago and then kindergarten here, which I do.


Day 60: Beach day with cousin M, sand fiddlers (!!), cereal for dinner, farewell sunset

I know he’ll be fine. I’m happy that H#1 finally has a sibling to go to school with her. I know H#2 is ready to learn from someone other than me. I get that H#3 will benefit from having some time focused solely on him.


Day 61: After packing up to leave and traveling back home, this is the sole photo.

But it’s been five-and-a-half years since I only had one Hatchling. I’m used to having two or more. At least a duo to work off each other. The nest is emptying. And I’m not ready.


Day 62: Feeding beetles to spiders, school supply shopping, playing with a Sesame Street game that was mine as a kid

I get that I have three more years of H#3 at home before he starts kindergarten. I know that I’m a long way from an empty nester. I understand that I’ll be fine and any anticipation and anxiety I have about a situation is usually worse than the experience itself. I know many people will find this silly.


Day 63: Puppy love, chicken tending, fiery sunset

But I don’t care. Eight days. Next week.


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