And the Living is Easy

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July 29, 2013 by themommahen

Sometimes, I get a little tunnel vision. I actually might *gasp* complain about the Hatchlings not wanting to be outside for another hour when I’ve gotten to be outside four hours already.

Day 51: Tennis on clay courts, climbing trees, swimming lessons for H#2, lunch and library with just the big kids, 1st library card and swimming certificate for H#2

Or stress about volunteer duties and responsibilities I’ve taken on.

Day 52

Day 52: Caught the bully guinea for his new home, play time with the big kids at The Pool, milkshake for H#3

Or lament that swimming lessons for the elder two can’t be synced at the same time so I have to be at The Pool for an hour instead of 30 minutes. (To be fair, The Pool isn’t open during morning swimming lessons, so I have to distract H#3 from wanting to get into the big pool and be content with the baby pool. But still.)

Day 53

Day 53: Bug and butterfly catching, storm watching, heart drawing

I have no business complaining. Funny how hard that is to remember sometimes.

Day 54

Day 54: Lazy Sunday (with hardly any pics to prove it!) lounging, drinking juice from the carton (per Granny’s encouragement and despite The Husband’s discouragement), catching giant slugs

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