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July 29, 2013 by themommahen

Sometimes, I get a little tunnel vision. I actually might *gasp* complain about the Hatchlings not wanting to be outside for another hour when I’ve gotten to be outside four hours already.

Day 51: Tennis on clay courts, climbing trees, swimming lessons for H#2, lunch and library with just the big kids, 1st library card and swimming certificate for H#2

Or stress about volunteer duties and responsibilities I’ve taken on.

Day 52

Day 52: Caught the bully guinea for his new home, play time with the big kids at The Pool, milkshake for H#3

Or lament that swimming lessons for the elder two can’t be synced at the same time so I have to be at The Pool for an hour instead of 30 minutes. (To be fair, The Pool isn’t open during morning swimming lessons, so I have to distract H#3 from wanting to get into the big pool and be content with the baby pool. But still.)

Day 53

Day 53: Bug and butterfly catching, storm watching, heart drawing

I have no business complaining. Funny how hard that is to remember sometimes.

Day 54

Day 54: Lazy Sunday (with hardly any pics to prove it!) lounging, drinking juice from the carton (per Granny’s encouragement and despite The Husband’s discouragement), catching giant slugs


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Walking in the snow So beautiful. But please let the power stay on. Morning chicken duty is always more fun when snow is falling. A little cold today. #brrr #beach I'm gonna Momma Hen you all for a minute with a gentle reminder that giving kids access to social media accounts -- whether theirs or yours, whether they're "old enough" or not -- without any guidance or oversight is not so different from letting your kid drive a car on the highway without any training. The damage may not be physical, and with a little luck there wont be any damage at all, but...images seen cannot be unseen, words said cannot be unsaid, things heard cannot be unheard. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, even when it's back to school after an extended break. #12

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