Time Keeps Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’


July 22, 2013 by themommahen

It’s funny…when you don’t document what you do every day, you find yourself wondering, “so what did we do today?” When you do document every day, things inevitably start feeling repetitive, which is funny, because they’re really not. Every day brings something new, but the mind plays tricks on you. Or at least mine does.


Day 43: Excitement in the driveway (long story, but everyone here is fine), H#3’s popcorn dance (and overflow), Furball #2’s first bath, lazing around outside

We’re not doing enough…

                   We’re not having enough fun…

                                              I’m not spending enough time…


Day 44: Museum of Life & Science in Durham: weather exhibits, butterfly house, dinosaur trail, train ride, fossil dig and a surprise visit from two of our favorite cousins.

Time is like a mirage. You think you can see it — a scribble on your calendar, an entry in your phone, an alarm on the clock — to remind you of what’s next, what’s coming. But as soon as you feel like you’ve got it, that you’re almost. there. just. a. little. farther.

It’s gone. The moment, the experience, the feeling.

But it’s not gone. It happened. That’s a big difference. However we choose to remember, commemorate, document or pass on a memory, it’s not gone. It’s happening.


Days 45 & 46: Weekend with games, pool fun and long overdue time with cousins.

Easier to say than to believe. Last night, as we were on our way home from a Durham Bulls game that turned into a too late night for this Momma Hen who is a big believer in sleep as a preventative/remedy/solution for most of what ails her Hatchlings, H#1 asked, “Mommy, how many weeks of summer have we already had?”

With our 70 days of summer seared into my brain, I thought for a second before answering, “Today is day 47, which is about seven weeks, which means there are 23 days left, or about three weeks.”

“Summer sure is slipping away quickly,” she lamented.

I heard the note of sadness in her voice, an echo of my own personality in her. I wish I’d thought in that moment to tell her that it’s not that it’s slipping away…it’s happening.


Day 47: A love note from Nature found by H#2, The Husband teaches H#1 & H#2 chess, first Durham Bulls game for the Hatchlings and The Husband


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