The Almost Lost Week


July 17, 2013 by themommahen

Golf camp, pedicures for all, hazing The Granny while she’s sleeping, visiting the aquarium, getting caught in a Sharknado at the beach, visiting with an old friend…that’s where we’ve been.

Day 39: Golf tournament day at golf camp, terrorizing Granny, pedicures

Day 38: Golf tournament day at golf camp, terrorizing Granny, pedicures

Saturday we got up and out the door at our usual “early” time of 10:30. (What is it about us that seems to be unlike every other family who gets up and into the car for a trip before 8am?) Getting to Wilmington on I-40 is always, ummm, interesting, and this was no different. Standstill traffic, pouring rainstorms, a dragon truck (OMG, a DRAGON truck!!) and fast food mishaps (which wouldn’t happen if we got up and out the door earlier) all made us later than planned, leaving us only a couple of hours for the aquarium. My good friend M assured me that we would have enough time there, though, so we picked her up and drove the 45 minutes to the aquarium from her house. And then the rain started. Blinding, sideways, raindrops-like-hail-balls rain that made us consider turning around. But the whole point was to go to the aquarium, so we continued on. The rain finally stopped, only to lash out in fury at us again as we walked through the parking lot to the entrance. We walked in sopping wet.

If this ever happens to you, might I recommend the money it costs to enter the Hurricane booth. 80mph winds will dry you right off, every time. In the end, it turns out we had just enough time to do the aquarium, head to Carolina Beach to do Britt’s doughnuts and the Boardwalk arcade, then on to Wilmington for riverside dining at The George.


The next day was beach day, and we had our fingers crossed that the weather would cooperate. And checked our phones for tide, radar and weather info. And changed my mind three times about where we should set up.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 40 7-14-2013 10-45-09 AM

Day 40: The Husband, valiantly not biting my head off about my indecision of where to set up camp for the day.


The weather gods were in our favor. Until about 10 minutes after we got our canopy set up on the beach. Then this happened.


We were pelted, the canopy was blown away into the dunes, knocking M nearly unconscious in the process. (Not really, but I’m not sure how she was still standing, much less helping with the rescue mission for the canopy.)

Finally, the rain cleared away to a beautiful summer beach sky, and we had an awesome beach day.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 40 7-14-2013 2-25-042

Day 40


Which completely wiped us out.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 40 7-14-2013 4-20-53 PM

Day 40


But some people still had energy to do bunny ears.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 40 7-14-2013 4-21-30 PM

Day 40


And then we capped off the weekend with a casual dinner overlooking the marina, and H#2 dreamed about owning his own boat.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 40 7-14-2013 5-32-51 PM

Day 40


So you can imagine that coming back to reality was a bit tough after such a great weekend. Then when The Husband woke up with an obvious allergic reaction (possibly to the lobster he ate?) it was clear we were no longer at my happy place, so we took it easy.

Played with the Furballs.


TMH Summer Vaca Day 41 7-15-2013 10-04-24 AM

Day 41


Rocked in our rocking chairs.


Had a tent party.


Lazed in the hammock.


TMH Summer Vaca Day 42 7-16-2013 4-32-13 PM

Day 42

And read some good books.


2 thoughts on “The Almost Lost Week

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