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July 9, 2013 by themommahen

Today’s wake-up call came early, with the two older Hatchlings going to a morning golf clinic that lasts all week. I hate mornings like today, when I have to be the drill sergeant to get us somewhere on time. But we got there, they had a blast and H#3 and I passed the time by cleaning out the car.

The road trip remnants were like layers in an archaeological dig, with each find representing a period of time in our trip: shells from the pond in which we got acquainted with leeches, library books  to pass the time, worthless toys given away with drive-thru meals, parts of said meals half-eaten in their bright, happy wrappers, a partial bacon biscuit from Tudor’s Biscuit World (Travesty! I almost ate it regardless of the fact it had been purchased and discarded 48 hours earlier), random Hot Wheels, two markers, kids menus with crayon drawings, sorted stuffed animal friends who were along for the ride, assorted drinks, water bottles and coffee cups…all served a purpose on our trip, but it needed to get the heck out of my car.

After lunch we helped our Furballs get acquainted with one another — I think they’re going to be good friends.

Then finally, it was back to the tennis courts on this hot, muggy afternoon. Golf on the morning, puppy play midday and tennis in the afternoon? I’d say getting back to reality for the Hatchlings isn’t too bad.


Day 34

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