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June 26, 2013 by themommahen

Tuesday was a lazy summer day. The day of summer vacation, exactly three weeks in, that I actually said out loud after everyone slept in until almost 9:00, “we’ve gotta get back on a schedule.” (Almost everybody — The Husband, after staying up to watch the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup and the resulting media afterwards, got up at a bleary-eyed 6am. Or 7, I’m not sure. I was asleep. Anyone who’s ever had to get up when the rest of the house is sleeping knows how hard that can be, so major props to him.)

But summer vacation is made for lazy days…isn’t that the whole point? And I find myself indulging when we can, because for heaven’s sake, kids are scheduled enough these days, and one of my hopes as a parent is to instill the ability for my children to live in the moment.

By turning the sandbox into a mudbox…

…checking in on Chipmunk…

…and eating outside on a gingham tablecloth with the warm Summer breeze blowing through their damp hair when we have nowhere to be…

TMH Summer Vaca Day 21 6-25-2013 12-38-13 PM

…because tomorrow will come as planned, on schedule.


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Walking in the snow So beautiful. But please let the power stay on. Morning chicken duty is always more fun when snow is falling. A little cold today. #brrr #beach I'm gonna Momma Hen you all for a minute with a gentle reminder that giving kids access to social media accounts -- whether theirs or yours, whether they're "old enough" or not -- without any guidance or oversight is not so different from letting your kid drive a car on the highway without any training. The damage may not be physical, and with a little luck there wont be any damage at all, but...images seen cannot be unseen, words said cannot be unsaid, things heard cannot be unheard. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, even when it's back to school after an extended break. #12

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