June 20, 2013 by themommahen

So, what’d ya do today?

One of the most incorrectly answered question in the history of questions.

It’s amazing how early in life we answer that question with one word:


(I boggled The Husband’s mind when I asked him what he thinks the most incorrectly answered question in the history of questions. His answer? “Am I fat?” followed closely by “Are you listening to me?” Probably not too far off there.)

H#1 started answering “nothing” sporadically sometime in the middle of kindergarten.

It’s the first answer in my head many days when The Husband walks in and asks me, “So, what’d ya do today?”

I know it’s not nothing. I know it’s something. I just can’t always remember what, and that bothers me. Which is part of the reason I committed to this Days of Summer project. As The Husband reminded me tonight, it’s a self-imposed deadline and goal. I don’t have to do it. Not every day. And I don’t. But I catch up.

Because I want to remember days like today, when it would be all too easy to come up with a blank when asked what we did.

We went to soccer camp.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 16 6-20-2013 8-53-29 AM


The Hatchlings practiced magic on a balloon that mysteriously landed in our back pasture with wands they found in the yard.


They went on a hunt for a Quidditch broom that they just knew we had hidden from them.

H#1 casting her finding spell.

H#1 casting her finding spell.


They found a broom that just. might. work.


I taught them a new magic trick. (Push your arms out in a tight space — against two walls, a doorway, etc. — for 20 seconds, step out and see what happens…)


We put up a new canopy to keep us cool (and I almost melted in the process) and then relaxed for a minute to catch our breath.


We found a new gardenia blossom.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 16 6-20-2013 2-56-16 PM


We played soccer.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 16 6-20-2013 4-19-13 PM


We went to H#2’s tee ball team cookout for one last hurrah with the Dodgers.


And he earned and received his first real medal.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 16 6-20-2013 7-39-50 PM


That’s not nothing.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 16 6-20-2013 7-39-54 PM


4 thoughts on “Nothing.

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