My Two Dads…Kinda

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June 17, 2013 by themommahen

I live with two dads. In the same house. Life gets interesting at times, and there’s really no way I can relate to how either of them must feel with all of us in the same house.Like I do with so many other situations, I think about it in terms of the Hatchlings.

I think about The Husband living with H#1 and her spouse someday, and how hard that would be for a father to be so close-up to all that goes on in his little girl’s life, and not always being the first male she turns to. How it would feel for him to see or hear her have a disagreement or argument, even small inconsequential ones, and not be able to step in. How my dad must sometimes feel that way, too.

I think about how H#2 might feel, if he was in The Husband’s shoes, moving in with his in-laws for a short time that turns into a longer time, because time does that sometimes. How he might feel a little like he was losing his grip on his wife, as family dynamics shifted in order for her walk the tightrope between mommy, wife and daughter, not always so deftly or well-balanced. How The Husband must sometimes feel that way, too.

All in all, we do okay. I don’t write a lot about our personal family life as it relates to multi-family living — not as much as I thought I might when I started this blog — and for good reason. It’s not always easy, but it’s not always hard. There are certainly challenges, but there’s a lot of good, too, and my one singular take on things isn’t fair to the rest of the people in this family.

But today, on this weekend that harkened back to days when we didn’t all live together in the same house….with the kids chasing lightning bugs and shagging pop-flys…Gramps washing windows and cooking out…the Hatchlings, The Husband and I hitting balls at the range…my brother and his girlfriend coming over to hang out for a long overdue visit…on this weekend that we honor fathers and father-figures in our lives, I want to recognize the two dads I live with. And say thanks to them for doing their best to make this work. I love you both more than words can say.

Happy Father’s Day!


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