The Most Funnest Day Ever


June 12, 2013 by themommahen

Tennis, playground, lunch at one of our favorite local, casual restaurants, pool. That’s the sequence of events that made H#2 declare the 8th day of summer vacation the most funnest day ever. What more can you ask for?


2 thoughts on “The Most Funnest Day Ever

  1. […] it here, like Hatchlings not going to bed on time or just being so exhausted from all the something we’ve been doing that Momma goes to bed before it’s her […]

  2. […] you don’t document what you do every day, you find yourself wondering, “so what did we do today?” When you do document every day, things inevitably start feeling repetitive, […]

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Run run Rudolph! Almost time for the #reindeerrun! I'm thinking after my mood this week, perhaps I should try this. #calm #magnesium #doesthisreallywork How excited do you think these kids are getting ready to be at pickup? #snow #ChathamNC #ncweather #ncwx One of my favorite holiday traditions is to shoot down mistletoe, but this year the kids are taking it to a whole new level! #Christmas #tradition #holidays #crafts #mistletoe

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