Rainy Day, No Blues


June 7, 2013 by themommahen

Day two began with H#1 sleeping in until 8:30. H#2 was getting very antsy about her sleeping so late, but he passed the time by making biscuits with Granny.

While H#3 looked on patiently as he waited for his breakfast.

TMH Summer Vaca Day 2 6-6-2013 7-23-22 AM

I wish I had pictures of H#1 when she woke up, she looked so refreshed, but the morning quickly got a little frenzied when she thought the Tooth Fairy had forgotten her. Fortunately, the folded dollar bill had fallen down the crack between the bed and the wall.

With the first outer bands of rain moving in from Tropical Storm Andrea, it was a perfect day for a nap. Or a good book. Or general lazing around. But not here. Not today. Today we discovered old tennis rackets and hit tennis balls. In the rain. And went for a mile-long walk. In the rain. And played in the sandbox. In the rain. And just had fun. In the rain.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day, No Blues

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