70 Days of Summer: Day 1


June 6, 2013 by themommahen

In an effort to be a tad lot more organized this summer, I had the Hatchlings make a list of the fun things they want to do during vacation — a bucket list of sorts. One of the things on my own list is to actually use my camera. The real one, not my phone, to better document these days. To keep myself motivated and train myself to better organize, cull and edit my photos, I’m going to keep track of our Days of Summer here and in the spirit of honesty and truth-telling, I’m already a day behind.

Day 1 was all about relaxing and not having any set schedule we had to follow. Picnic, playing, being outside and relaxing were the name of the game. As part of my promise to myself to use my camera more, I grabbed it and snapped some pics of H#3 in the bathtub, because we all know children are like gremlins — just add a little water and they get all kinds of crazy and silly.

4 thoughts on “70 Days of Summer: Day 1

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