Car Seats


May 7, 2013 by themommahen

Hidden treasures from H#3's car seat

Hidden treasures from H#3’s car seat

2yo potty training. Took diaper off and threw it away in store bathroom. Realized I didn’t have any more. Rushed to buy diapers. Paid. Forgot he didn’t have a diaper on. (Or forgot I bought diapers, not sure which.) Put him in car sans diaper. Got home to find a soaked 2yo. Took car seat pad off. Found a week’s worth of snacks and what I thought was an ear but now am thinking it might have been a months-old mandarin orange slice. Now hoping the car seat pad that had to be hand-washed is dry in time for me to get back in the car in 45 minutes. And just realized I left the groceries in the car.


2 thoughts on “Car Seats

  1. I feel like this story needs to end with that shot from Raising Arizona where the brothers realize they left the baby in the car seat on the roof of the car and start screaming. Now go have some wine!

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A little cold today. #brrr #beach I'm gonna Momma Hen you all for a minute with a gentle reminder that giving kids access to social media accounts -- whether theirs or yours, whether they're "old enough" or not -- without any guidance or oversight is not so different from letting your kid drive a car on the highway without any training. The damage may not be physical, and with a little luck there wont be any damage at all, but...images seen cannot be unseen, words said cannot be unsaid, things heard cannot be unheard. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, even when it's back to school after an extended break. #12 My #snowbird. She loves this weather and she loves the Sunday comics. #SNOW! Excited kids, more than forecast! #ncweather #ncwx #snow

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