Sunday Reflections: It’s Just a Phase

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April 28, 2013 by themommahen

Going to church with small kids often makes us ask, “why bother?” Going to eat after church with declarations of “I don’t like this,” more food on the floor than in tummies and the dollars totaling more than the minutes we’re actually able to sit at the table together before it all falls apart often makes us wonder if we’ll ever attempt to do it again.

But we do.

And it’s always worth it, it’s just not always what we expect or picture. The Husband would love to have time to sip on a Bloody Mary and eat a nice leisurely brunch. I’d settle for warm food.

But that’s parenthood—life really. Sometimes you just have to sit back, enjoy the ride and admire the view. (Easier said than done when crawling under your table with a halfway decent outfit on mopping up an entire container of Chipotle guac off the floor and legs of the people who got splattered with H#3’s party foul. Chipotle guacamole! That stuff costs extra!!)

But when I’m under the table cleaning up expensive guacamole or struggling (once again!) to figure out what to cook for dinner or juggling a 2yo screaming that he wants to swing while trying to watch the 5yo at tee ball practice while squeezing in some play time with the 7yo at the same time, I need to remember that childhood is just a phase. One they’ll grow out of all too soon.

Which reminds me of this excellent clip from Parenthood. (The movie with Steve Martin, not the equally awesome show currently on NBC.) Enjoy the phase. Enjoy the roller coaster. Enjoy the view. Enjoy…

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