Brotherly Bubbles

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March 7, 2013 by themommahen

Better late than never, this little slice of life is from H#2’s birthday. In a tradition started by my parents, we give the siblings of the birthday celebrant something small to open. H#3 got a bubble gun. Of course, H#2 wanted to try it, which quickly resulted in H#3 screaming bloody murder, which resulted in the middle child quickly keeping the peace by surrendering. My favorite part though is near the end (around :32) when H#2 pops bubbles with a flourish a matador would be proud of.


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'Tis the season! #baseball Tournament championship for middle school girls vs. Woods Charter. #GoKnights Knights with the win, girl with her first three-pointer, Grampa with a proud smile. 21-6 Knights winning. 3rd quarter starting now. #GoKnights Tournament game about to begin. #GoKnights And she scores! (With a sweet dish from #14, of course.)

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