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November 23, 2012 by themommahen


I wish I’d taken a picture of a lot of things yesterday, but it’s so easy in the chaos to think to yourself, “In just a minute, I’ll grab my camera. Right after I finish…” whatever it is you’re in the middle of at that minute. I decided yesterday that when the ratio of kids to adults comes dangerously close to being even or even unbalanced in faor of the kids, everything, including grabbing your camera becomes a bit trickier. But of course, that’s exactly when we should.

H#1 tells me in all her infinite wisdom, that sometimes, if you don’t have a camera, you just take a picture with your mind. Sometimes I hear the two oldest hatchlings saying, “Click. Click. Click” while they blink their eyes, saving the images to their memories.

So of course, I never did grab my camera, and only have these memories in my mind to try and keep forever:

All the Hatchlings’ (and The Husband’s) excitement at having guests come over.

H#2 in his Mr. Incredible Halloween costume saving the day from all that is bad on Thanksgiving.

H#3 in his Native American headress made by his big sister at school.

H#1 in her paper pilgrim hat.

All the kids raking leaves to jump in them.

Gramps playing soccer with the kids.

The Husband and my cousin singing and playing guitar for an impromptu jam session. (WHY didn’t I video that??)

Granny where she loves to be most – surrounded by kids.

My brother and his son being their usual goofy selves in an all-too-brief and infrequent visit.

Click. Click. Click. Here’s hoping you got lots of clicks stored in your memory this Thanksgiving.

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