September 29, 2012 by themommahen


the way you caught everyone’s attention when you came into this world at nearly eleven-and-a-half-pounds, and the way you continue to keep it with your gigantic personality

the way you giggle uncontrollably when you’re tickled (literally and figuratively)


the way you say “Aye!” like a pirate when you mean yes

the way you hug everyone, without knowing a stranger


the way you rock or sway or dance…or just move…constantly

the way you demolish everything without really meaning to


the way you say “s’funny!” because you know you are

the way you dance whenever you hear music


the way you jump on the bed and tell your big brother to “zum” with you

the way you tell me “Mommy cum AWN”


the way you make Grampa do whatever you want, like sit down and eat cereal with you

the way you adore and chase after your big brother and sister, and because it’s obvious they adore you too


the way you scream to watch Momo or Pat-Pat, even though it shows my obvious parental failure of limiting TV for you like I did with your siblings

the way you love all the animals that roam around here, no matter how much they trip, nip, ignore or run away


the way you clap and cheer when golf is on TV…or when I make a basket…or when anyone does anything that deserves a cheer

the way you hug me hard with both arms wrapped around my neck and then give a little pat on the back as final punctuation


the way you just are

I love you, my baby. So many ways. Happy Birthday.


2 thoughts on “Two

  1. […] For the first time in eight years, there will be no crib in our living quarters. Seems like yesterday we were getting it — and everything else — ready for Hatchling #1 who, to our great joy and surprise was followed by #2 and #3. […]

  2. […] days late to be exact. My baby turned three last weekend and I didn’t get the obligatory annual blog post up on that day. Surprisingly, I’m okay with that and I don’t think H#3 will have a […]

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