Lake James, NC

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July 9, 2012 by themommahen


Despite living in North Carolina for my first 18 years, I had never heard of Lake James until I met The Husband’s sister-in-law, H. Her family had been going there for years, and she often spoke of it fondly. Fourteen years after first hearing about it from her, I finally got the chance to see this place that our niece, B, calls her happy place. I can see why.


The cabin is fantastically rustic, with AC only in the bedrooms (and that was only added after in-laws were added to the equation). With all the open (albeit hot) air, boating, swimming, dogs and family, we had a great time, despite a small bout of food poisoning for yours truly (contracted through something I ate before we got on the road, not during our stay). 

It’s too bad I lived here for so many years without knowing of its existence. It’s funny that so much that is obvious to tourists or travelers is virtually hidden (or ignored) by us when we grow up in the middle of it.


Hatchling #3’s godfather, T.

I confessed to The Husband on the way home as he was schooling me on NC’s role in the French & Indian War (Ft. Dobbs is the only location in NC that was involved, apparently) how ignorant I sometimes I am about NC history. (Oh how Mr. Brooks would be so ashamed. Don’t worry Mr. B — it was me, not you!) I know all the big things, but those are the sorts of things all good NC natives know — the state flower (Dogwood), the state tree (Long Leaf Pine), the state bird (Cardinal), the state motto (Esse quam videri or To be rather than to seem), the beach, the mountains, the Triangle, the Piedmont, the Triad, the Outer Banks, the Lost Colony, college basketball (Go Heels!), the difference between eastern and western NC barbecue (vinegar- or tomato-based) — but when it comes to the details, I sometimes know more about my adopted home of Chicago’s history than I do my native state.

Which makes me wonder…what will the Hatchlings remember and what will they overlook? At least they will know that Lake James exists. (And it might just be one of their happy places too, as they didn’t want to leave.)

Thanks H, T and B! (And Happy 25th Bday B! We missed you A!)


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