Freedom’s Just Another Word to a 4yo

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June 7, 2012 by themommahen



Me (singing as I fixed another waffle so H#2 and #3 could each have their own): Everybodyyyyy should have their own waffffffffflllllllllle…

H#2 (singing back): Everybodyyyyyy should get what they waaaaaant all the tiiiiiime.

Me (no longer singing): But that would be anarchy and chaos.

H#2 (Big grin while he bats his eyelashes): No, that would be freedom!

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My boy loves this lady right here! #fieldtrip #h3 #firstgrade Living with six growing feet... I'm constantly packing up outgrown shoes. #10yearsofJW 'Tis the season! #baseball Tournament championship for middle school girls vs. Woods Charter. #GoKnights Knights with the win, girl with her first three-pointer, Grampa with a proud smile.

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