Seven Ways My Puppy and Toddler Are Similar


May 8, 2012 by themommahen


The Husband is upset with me for not sharing more Furball updates. Here are a few, in the form of how having a baby and a puppy are similar:

  1. I find myself carrying both, even though they can walk. A lot. Often at the same time.
  2. Neither one follows the commands “No” or “Stop” when they want to go in a different direction than I want them to.
  3. Both like to chase the cat, run into the woods, chase the chickens and venture too far down the driveway.
  4. Both whine or cry several times a day because they can’t tell me what they want. And when they’re in their crates. (JUST KIDDING!!)
  5. Both like to roll in the grass. A lot.
  6. Both like to try out their new teeth on anything that comes within 12 inches of their mouths.
  7. Both are pretty darn cute and make the two older Hatchlings pretty happy.

Thankfully, only one needs deworming. We just started meds for that today. I’ll spare you the details and photos of those results. At least unless The Husband bugs me again about not giving enough updates.


One thought on “Seven Ways My Puppy and Toddler Are Similar

  1. […] excuse me if I didn’t exactly welcome you puppies with open arms. Not to mention that I already had a puppy in H#3. So add another non-potty-trained, hyper, stubborn, living thing that I had to keep that way into […]

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