Blog? What blog?


March 16, 2012 by themommahen

Hopefully I’ll have time to get some writing done over the weekend because this week I’ve been too busy living up to the Momma Hen name.

Today alone has been pretty crazy: brought home three new chicks (that makes eight total), chased away a hawk, secured fencing to keep the chickens in (waste of time because it didn’t work) and had a freaked-out rooster try to attack my leg (thank goodness for boots).

Usually my feathered and human hatchlings take turns needing me, but this week it’s been a draw. H#1 missed two more days of school due to the stomach bug that seems to be sweeping the nation. H#3 is trying his best to walk by himself but still feels more comfortable holding hands and dragging whoever happens to be attached to those hands wherever his fancy takes him.


H#2 just wants H#1 to feel better so he has a playmate.(Though he isn’t complaining about extra tv time.) And he wants H#3 to start walking so Mommy’s hands are freed up to play more cars with him.


Have a great weekend, enjoy March Madness (go Heels!) and fingers crossed the stomach virus doesn’t darken your door.

2 thoughts on “Blog? What blog?

  1. Anonymous says:

    HOLY CRAP that H#3 is insanely cute.

    Hope the stomach bug has moved on and that you and all your hatchlings have a great weekend. (Can’t wait to read what you write.)

  2. Larisa Spillman says:

    Thank you, my dear! I have so many things to write or that I want to write and just not enough time. Must. Find. More. Time.

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