The Waiting Place


February 2, 2012 by themommahen

Me: What was your favorite part of the day today?

Hatchling #2: My favorite part of the day was when we went to pick up my big sister from school.

Me: Awwww, that’s so sweet. Do you miss your big sister when she’s at school?

H#2: Yeah, because when I’m home I always have to wait for you to do some things before you can play with me.

Me, inhaling sharply, a little caught off-guard: Y-you always have to wait on me?

H#2: Yeah, like to feed the baby or change a diaper or make lunch or pay bills or be on the computer, things like that and that’s why I like to have my big sister home with me.


There you have it folks. Mommy Parental guilt knows no working status, so whether you be a WOHM, SAHM, SAHD, WOHD, WFHM or WFHD, the next time you get impaled by that gleaming sword inscribed with the words “You suck,” know that as long as your child has a sibling to share in the woe of having a parent like you, you’re all good. If not, you’re on your own (I need a sarcastic font). Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d love to chat more but H#2 is patiently waiting for me to go play with him outside.

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Place

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, my kid is so screwed. Better get him an iPad with a unlimited Angry Birds. He’ll never even notice me again.

  2. Larisa Spillman says:

    Hahahahaha! Angry birds can defuse even the worst meltdowns, it's true!

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