An Open Letter to Our Sitters

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January 19, 2012 by themommahen

I think of both of you as I sit here today—Hatchlings #2 and #3 catching the tail end of Sesame Street while eating their morning snack—and wondering what to do with myself next. Should I put some makeup on? Clean(er) clothes? Clean the kitchen? WWND? What Would the Nanny Do? Probably finish eating and then load or unload the dishwasher, maybe stick a load of the kids clothes in the washer or dryer. Perhaps straighten the toys from the morning’s play. Maybe even sit for a blessed moment in the silence for a quick breather. Me? I reach for my laptop to write this letter to you.

First, I must obviously thank you, because I know I never ever said those words to you enough. Not only for what you did every. single. day. for the kids, but for putting up with me, your “boss,” (even though we always knew the little ones were really the ones in charge) the ridiculously anal and hyper-organized Momma who could easily and would gladly tell you how the day should go, and then leave you to make it happen. Nap at 9, no later than 9:15, he’ll probably sleep until 11, playgroup goes until 1, but be back here and have lunch by noon, and be sure to include all the food groups and don’t give the fruit until AFTER they eat the other stuff and no sweets and can you mix up the menu a bit so they get more variety every day, then the second nap can begin around 1, no later than 1:30, which should last until 3 or so, and then a quick snack (not too big though and please include either a fruit or vegetable, not all carbs) before you head back outside for some play time (or at least do something that will get them some exercise), and don’t forget to read a book or two, then dinner needs to happen around 5:30 so if you can get that going and get them started before we get home, that’d be great, oh and please be sure to straighten up a bit, it just gets so messy by the time we get home and oh yeah, the dishes in the dishwasher are clean if you could just empty that, oh, and the kids’ laundry needs washed, I think that’s it, okay? Awesome! See you in 10 hours!

Ummmm, yeah, that was me then. The me now? Let’s just say that The Husband has even commented on how he needs to apologize to you for our high standards because the new nanny just isn’t living up to our expectations.


So in your honor, I, The Momma Hen, hereby do proclaim today to be Nanny/Sitter Appreciation Day. And, while this is in no way a complete list, let me right some wrongs by apologizing for all the times that I wigged out:

When you gave bottles too close to the time I got home. Apparently I forgot that babies can’t tell time.

When naps didn’t start at the time I thought they should. Just this morning I had to forgo H#3’s morning nap because I missed the window.

When they ate the same thing more than once. We are now on a steady diet of hot dogs, quesadillas, PB&J, spaghetti, pizza, repeat.

When toys weren’t put back in their proper place. Our playroom regularly looks like Toys R Us exploded.

When the dishwasher was loaded/unloaded differently than my way. If I’m lucky enough to get the dishes out of the cold water in the sink, I’m lucky.

When the kids’ clothes were put in the wrong drawers. Life is circle of laundry, and our drawers have now become an assortment of clothes baskets and hampers.

When you didn’t get any outside play time. Just yesterday I gave up when H#2 refused to get his shoes on.

When the Hatchlings watched PBS for an hour. I’ve been singing the theme songs from The Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That and Word World for weeks now.

I now realize just how lucky we were. You loved my children as your own. Clothed them, fed them, hugged them, read to them, played with them, soothed them, healed them, listened to them, protected them, all while doing what the job description typically (and erroneously, I now know) calls “light housekeeping.”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Now can you please come down here for a visit?


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