Making Up Friends


November 15, 2011 by themommahen


Lately I’ve become cognizant that the boys and I don’t have as many social engagements or extracurricular activities on our calendar as we did in Chicago. There, we were members of a daily playgroup and did a number of sports and classes, all through the Chicago Park District, which I always complained about because of the registration headache. (Some activities sold out quicker than Radiohead tickets!) Of course, now I’m in my different shade of green grass and I realize how lucky we were and how much socialization H#1 got out of it. Conversely I’ve been lamenting about how H#2 could benefit from getting out a little more often.

Today’s mid-70s temps seemed as good a time as any, so we set off for what H#2 calls Kawanna park (Kiwanis Park).

And whaddaya know? He “made up a friend” while we were there. In three-and-three-quarters-years-old language that doesn’t mean he created an imaginary friend, oh no. This was a real bonafide four-year-old, and they talked to each other (with me as an intermediary) and played in the same vicinity, so that counts as making up a friend in our book. Not bad for a guy who has gotten so attached to Mommy (he doesn’t even remember me going to work) and who thinks H#1 is the only friend he’ll ever need (and quite possibly the best friend he could ever have).

H#3 was nonplussed by this social milestone, as he was too busy being scared of the swings (obviously not brought up on urban playground and parks) and eating fistsful of sand. And wondering who this yahoo was taking his best friend’s attention away from him.

2 thoughts on “Making Up Friends

  1. Anonymous says:

    RADIOHEAD TICKETS! Grrrrrr. Sold out in 7 minutes for the Denver show. I have to go to St. Louis to see them play! (White girl problems, I know.)

    Which is all beside the point. Parks — I don’t ever remember going to the park as a kid growing up in the country. It’s a wonder I learned to socialize at all! Glad H2 is getting a head start.

  2. Larisa Spillman says:

    Everyone I know is talking about them being sold out! As far as parks, I didn’t go to parks either, so I guess we’ll have to let our spouses decide how that worked out for us. I think we’re okay.

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