Get off my Back, Doc!


September 13, 2011 by themommahen

Hatchling #1 (talking about why Foxy, our rooster, jumps on the hens’ backs and pins them down somewhat violently): “Mommy, why does he do that?”

Me: “Well, that’s how hens’ eggs turn into baby chicks.”

H#1 (incredulously): That’s how their eggs turn into baby chicks?

Me: “Yep. Hens lay eggs with or without roosters, but you have to have roosters to fertilize the eggs in order to have baby chicks.”

H#1: “And they have to get on their backs??”

Me: “Yes.”

H#1 (after a thoughtful pause): “Oh, that’s kind of like the doctor at the hospital when Mommies have babies!”

One thought on “Get off my Back, Doc!

  1. […] in the car, like the history of Thanksgiving, how Justin Bieber goes to H#1′s school and doctors’ strange behaviors while birthing babies. Last week on the way home from dropping off H#1 at school, H#2 asked me, “Mommy do you have […]

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