Earth Shaking Moments


August 23, 2011 by themommahen

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to bring you the following news:

  • Hatchling #3 slept through the night last night. Neither of the other Hatchlings ever did this before at least the age of 2. Ever. And yes, I did wake up in the middle of the night and frantically ran in to check on him. And stood there until he twitched in his cute little baby slumber. No, I’m not expecting a repeat tonight. I’m optimistic, but I’m also a realist and genetics don’t seem to be in our favor.
  • We were actually early to school this morning. Enough said.
  • Hatchling #3 full-on crawled today. Army style, in case you were wondering. Forget Irene, we have our own hurricane to make us batten down the hatches.

Oh, and then there was one last teensy detail about today — the earthquake. We felt it, but after all this, it almost didn’t phase me. Almost.

4 thoughts on “Earth Shaking Moments

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG, I feel so much better! Everyone says their infants of 12 weeks slept through the night! Finner still does not sleep through the night at 20 months, but this week he slept 6.5 hours straight, so that kind of counts, right? We moved him to a “big boy” bed and that helped! The best is…Weissbluth is our pediatrician. Embarrassing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So that what caused the earth to tremble!

  3. Anonymous says:

    love it that he is crawling! its on now girlie. Shiloh is all over the place and pulling up. She sleeps throught the night but did not until we moved her to her own room. We had to do some work though for that to happen. I was totally ok with my baby, meaning the “last” teta baby, sleeping with me for the rest of her life if she wanted. the earth trembling was something else, i had three babies sleep through it and three big kiddos going bananas at all the shaking of the house. Sierra said, ” the washer isn’t even on”,” no big loud (loud playing music) trucks or cars going by”, I had to check the basement to make sure nothing blew up and then called Rick and said, uh we don’t have earthquakes, right? another wife was on the phone with her hubby saying the same thing…, finally found out we were not crazy! Exciting times, Enjoy Life:)

  4. Larisa Spillman says:

    Amy, one thing I have learned is people LIE when they talk about kids sleeping through the night. Okay, just kidding (kinda) because some kids just do, and some just don’t. Some parents are more willing to try the hardline methods than others. I won’t go into our own sleep training trials here, (maybe in a future post, though!) but let’s just say it didn’t work for any of us. And here’s the funny part — Weissbluth was our pediatrician office too! (BTW, we always saw Sharma — LOVED her! So even keel and in line with our won thinking. Can’t say enough good things. She even allowed me to call her and counseled me several times AFTER WE LEFT CHICAGO. Amazing example of what a pediatrician should be, IMHO.) Anyway, I read Weissbluth, I went to Weissbluth’s office and we tried Weissbluth, but the one thing that we found true from his teachings was that not just one thing works for all kids (or parents). And we have finally embraced the fact that our kids are the way they are. Of course, I can get by with less sleep than the husband, so it works. Anytime you want to exchange war stories, I’m here. Dr. Root — Dan said the same thing — y’all are always on the same wavelength. Ronda — it IS on and I’m a little scared! 🙂 That was absolutely crazy today. I’ll just keep saying it…Thanks all for reading and commenting!

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