Wild Horses

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August 16, 2011 by themommahen


The husband had to get up extra early this morning in order to get into — and out of — work early enough to go to Hatchling #1’s school Open House tonight. I was all ready to get some much needed extra winks, all snuggled up with the kids when he woke me up whisper-shouting something about horses in the backyard. I opened my eyes, told him they were just deer and returned to snoozing. I mean, the sun wasn’t even up yet. We may have chickens, but we’re not dairy farmers, so if at all possible I like to at least see the sun before I roll out of bed. (And yes, I know with school starting, that’s all about to end.)  But, alas, that wasn’t to be today.

“It’s not deer. They’re HORSES!” the husband whisper-shouted.

“They’re just big deer,” I said, totally convinced he was losing it.

“They’re in the YARD,” he whisper-exclaimed.

“The deer are in the yard? You mean pasture,” I lovingly corrected him.

“They’re HORSES. They’re HUGE. They’re in the YARD!” he agitatedly whisper-yelled.

Then he walked purposefully to the door to leave, but not before giving me sign language to look out the window. (Kudos to him — I’m sure he wanted to give me some very different sign language at this point.)

I extricated myself from the bed of legs, arms, knees and elbows and looked out the window to see the deer in our yard. And there were two very real horses. In the yard. Right. There. Munching on the grass very calmly in the pre-dawn mist.

We went outside, still not quite believing what we were seeing. Granny ran and got a bucket and some rope so we could try to catch them, because we were worried they would venture off our land onto the nearby busy highway. We followed them around the house and…they had disappeared. Vanished. Poof. Gone.

We thought we were losing our mind. (The sun still hadn’t shown his face, coward.) So we hopped in the car after traipsing through the woods a bit and found them at the end of the driveway, getting ready to begin their most excellent adventure towards the busy highway. But with a bucket of chicken scratch, we were able to entice them to stay long enough to entertain dreams of keeping these two horses after having no luck finding their owner.

But we did find their owner after making several calls to neighbors, and they came and got them and we watched them go, along with our dreams of horse rides for the Hatchlings and gallops for us in the wee morning hours. But the sun was up now, and reality set in. We don’t even have shelter and really don’t know much about horses, other than they are truly beautiful and majestic creatures.You should have heard me describing the horses to the neighbors. “Brown with black mane and tail” (umm, that’s called Bay) and “brown with a light mane and tail.” (That’s called Chestnut, people.) I had some ponies when I was little, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge. And my second pony bit me in the stomach the first day I went to meet her, so that didn’t work out so well. But, who knows? Maybe someday.

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