Speeding in Neutral

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August 12, 2011 by themommahen


With one week until school starts, I’m torn between wanting to do everything and nothing all at the same time. Doing anything more than a trip to the pool a couple of days and the requisite shopping trip to get new shoes for the constantly growing feet around here seems to be about all the energy I can muster. This is when I wish I was one of those super-creative Moms who comes up with all kinds of fun ideas and activities to do. Today, the kids were in their jammies until about, ohhh, 2:30, and the morning was filled with lots of not much. My grand plan to do that aforementioned back-to-school shopping didn’t quite pan out, due to an incredibly sluggish and lazy fog that seemed to permeate the entire house.

We’ve talked about going to the zoo or a museum before school starts, but the thought of actually doing those things in the next week just exhausts me, what with the heat and three hatchlings. Then I think I should take H#1 for a Mommy-and-me something, but the truth is, H#1 and #2 are already pretty sensitive about the fact that they’re getting ready to be separated for eight hours a day, so that doesn’t seem like such a great plan either.

So here I am, feeling like I should be doing something to mark down the days, or at least punctuate the importance and excitement of this milestone (a milestone that I’m sure you all wish would hurry up and pass already, for the love of Pete, how long can one person talk about and lament kindergarten??!!) and instead, I am barely getting the kids ready for a day around the house. Not to mention I have an almost-one-year-old who, bless his little heart, has about 1/10th the amount of videos, photos and mementos of his sister and probably 1/5th the size of his big brother. I mean, he’s close to crawling (he has a lot of weight to move around) and I haven’t even mentioned that until this moment. And the monthly photos? I think the last one was five months. His big sister has weekly photos for the first six months of her life!

Maybe it’s good that we’re not getting all wound up like a Tilt-A-Whirl during this last week we have before the schedules and driving and activities and meetings and everything that comes with starting school. Perhaps sub-consciously something is signalling to us that we really should mellow out a bit and take it easy, because this is it. An end and a beginning. At the very least though, I need to get moving and at least figure out what’s for supper…right after I take some pictures of that baby.

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