Best Friends


July 1, 2011 by themommahen


I'm nostalgic tonight. Not really sure why, but lately I just feel like time is racing by and it makes me a little panicky. I mean, I *love* my babies. I'm *in* love with my babies. And they are growing up. Fast.

I know. You're sitting there reading this saying, "But Larisa, seriously, you have three kids five and under. And one isn't even a year old!"

Yes, I know. But it goes by so fast. Inasnapitsgoneandyoucantgetitback. Waah.

Funny, I think I've felt like this every time I get close to one of my babies turning one. Call me crazy. The husband for sure will. (It's times like this he starts to get a little scared about what crazy ideas might be rolling around in my head. Don't worry honey, I'm not there. Yet.)

Tonight when I came across some old Picasa albums I had forgotten about, this picture took my breath away. (BTW, does anyone use Picasa? Never could get it to do what I needed it to.) I so clearly remember taking this picture of  Hatchlings #1 & 2. Like it was yesterday. But it was two years ago. TWO YEARS. Wow.

I took this picture because it so clearly captured the relationship between the two. Big sister the protector. Little brother the worshiper. Best friends. They were watching something on PBS…Super Why, I think. I remember thinking how I always wanted to remember how they were in that moment, and simultaneously believing I would never forget it, so did I really need to get the camera out of the bag out of the drawer? I'm so glad I took the picture. 

3 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Anonymous says:

    Such a sweet picture and such a sweet Mama.

  2. JustAddHeat says:

    Very , very sweet picture. (Wait – Why do I hear a giant clock ticking??? Oy.)

  3. Larisa Spillman says:

    From one sweet Mama to another, Corinna. And Heather, yes, that clock is LOUD!

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