Bathing Beauty and the Beasts

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June 28, 2011 by themommahen

Now that we are here/back in the South, (Want to know why? Click here.) we go swimming a lot. A lot a lot. It’s hot here and I’ve become a wimp, so I prefer to be under water as much as possible. So we joined the local pool, the very one I learned to swim in and where I spent long summer days and made some of my life-long friends. (Sometimes because someone else just didn’t show up that day, right JB?)

Anyway, Hatchling #1 needed a new swim suit, or bathing suit as we say in the South. Every bathing suit I’ve ever bought her has been the cute little shorts and surfer-inspired longer rashguard shirts. Like this:


Photo Source:

Today we reached the end of the line on her one bathing suit she has had since last year — one ill-timed nose bleed took care of that. Since we had to be in Chapel Hill today anyway, we went shopping. Well, I went shopping while my mom sat in the car with all the sleeping hatchlings. It was a long day filled with excitement, beginning with H#2’s latest escapade at swimming lessons, which resulted in me jumping in with all my clothes on and then followed by H#3’s 9-month checkup where once again, he was wayyyyy off the charts. And the office simultaneously dubbed him the biggest and the happiest 9-month-old they’ve ever seen. My little chunkahunk.


But as usual, I digress.

I go into the store and, on autopilot, walk to the toddler section. It takes me a few minutes to realize she doesn’t wear any size followed by a T anymore. Sad, *sniff*. So I go to the “Girls” section. And there are none of those bathing suits anywhere. All I see are bikinis and one-pieces with the shirts sold separately. You know, big girl bathing suits. Like this:


Photo Source:

Finally, I find two suit sets that are two pieces (no shorts) with the shirt to match. I grab them and pay (she doesn’t demand to pick out her clothes yet. I figure I have about two more weeks of that) and when we get home she tries them on. And she looks so grown up. No more baby, no more toddler, no more preschooler.


A big girl. *Sniff*. Or a fairy princess. (With Super Why as her sidekick.)


On the bright side, H#2 and #3, despite being nearly 2.5 years apart, can now share clothes.

All photos on this site not attributed to another source are mine. Please don’t use them without asking first. (But be prepared to answer why you want them.)


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When Daddy suggests a #bonfire to celebrate fall weather and continued healing. #justwhatthedoctorordered #laughteristhebestmedicine #latergram Homeward bound! He's out, waking up, went well. Huge thanks to everyone for all the prayers, texts, messages, good thoughts, mojo, juju, etc.  More details to come. Trying to keep him flat on his back not moving, which, if you know this boy, you know that is not easy. #thumbsup Our older boy, my H2, has had episodes of SVT (rapid heart rate) for five years now. It was managed with medication for a while, then seemed to go away, but then came back last school year. Due to the unpredictability of it and the resulting disruption and anxiety it causes him, he is scheduled for a heart ablation catheterization procedure tomorrow early in the morning. Hopefully the doctors will be able to find and eliminate the extra electrical pathways responsible. Fortunately, this is a pretty routine procedure with great success rates. But as the saying goes, no surgery or procedure is minor if it's happening to you or a loved one. We welcome prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, juju, mojo, whatever our friends can muster. (This picture was taken two weeks ago during an echocardiogram. He was fascinated, and I couldn't help but remember the first time I got to hear that same, sweet heartbeat...) ❤ Totally disturbing. #halloween H2 suggested we go on a nature walk yesterday through the woods with walkie talkies. (And BB guns, of course, because, boys.) It was hot, it was muggy, it was thorny, it was spider webby, it was buggy, it was tiring. 
We found a snapping turtle shell and almost perfect skeleton, a giant orb weaver spider in all its splendor, a great place for a fort, lots of obstacles to traverse, and a new path home. And that made it all worth it.

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