Are We There Yet?


May 24, 2011 by themommahen


In 48 hours, this will be my "pod" for 750 miles.  I can guarantee the husband and I will hear "the question" before we get five miles out. We've never done a road trip more than three hours long so I'm asking: what tips, advice, etc., do you have for parents traveling with a 5yo, 3yo and a nursing 8 month old? We are planning on breaking it up, getting the first four hours in after work Thursday night. Our wallet won't like the hotel stop but our sanity might. Waiting for other sanity-saving tips!

One thought on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Anonymous says:

    We take road trips to NY and Florida and have done it with the older three several times. I have driven all 4 kids to Willards place at Quantico, 5 hours. Always make sure that you have nursed before you get in the car. Rick likes to drive at night so everyone will sleep. Take plenty of snacks, don’t let them drink too much as you will be making lots of potty stops. Movies and jamies if you are on the road at night. When we drive at night I try to nap during the day and take the first leg of driving. Good idea to break it up if you can. We have had many unplanned stops to sleep, usually on the way home, when we have not gotten a lot of rest. Have fun and happy travels;) Enjoy!

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