Butterfly Kisses


May 12, 2011 by themommahen

Hatchling #1 has never, ever, ever had a butterfly land on her. Even when we went into the butterfly room at the Notebaert Nature Museum, she was the only one the butterflies completely ignored. Of course, she loves butterflies almost as much as she loves fairies and chickens. Okay, maybe more than chickens because to her, they are the closest thing to fairies she’s ever seen. So today when we saw one in the rain-soaked backyard, she could hardly contain herself. But she collected herself like the big girl she is and slowly approached the shaking grey, black and blue-spotted creature hanging for dear life to a blade of grass. (Do butterflies get cold or was there something wrong with it?) She slowly extended her finger and the butterfly gladly hopped on for a spell. A long spell. Long enough for me to go grab the camera and get some shots. (I’m no professional, so get your expectations in check.) It stayed on her finger for at least five minutes. And when she set it back down on the grass to go feed the chickens some sweet, wild berries she hand-picked for them and went back, it was still there waiting for her. All was good until she decided she wanted Granny to go get the bug-catcher so she could save it for a little while. Right before Granny got back, the butterfly must have sensed its pending captivity and flew off through the yard, way off into the woods. And my dear, sweet girl is still crying over the loss. Oh, sweet child.

One thought on “Butterfly Kisses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love it..EW’s expression is so beautiful, precious…I miss you and the kids

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