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April 18, 2011 by themommahen

You may have seen my tweet and status yesterday about my dad’s company warehouse right behind the Lowe’s that was destroyed by the tornado in Sanford. If you missed it, a woman found a sign from one of their trailers 60 miles away in Wake Forest. 60 miles away. Crazy. Funny tidbit that we realized Saturday when we started hearing about all the devastation is that all our stuff that we moved from Chicago was almost stored in this warehouse. But then we decided not to.


Everything was just sucked out.


These are the trailers.


This is the only thing unscathed — the dump truck. Weird.


And this makes it look like there was never anything in there. Do you know how heavy that thing is?

But this is just a warehouse. Full of stuff that is replaceable. Thoughts and prayers with all those who suffered unfathomable and irreplaceable loss.


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Walking in the snow So beautiful. But please let the power stay on. Morning chicken duty is always more fun when snow is falling. A little cold today. #brrr #beach I'm gonna Momma Hen you all for a minute with a gentle reminder that giving kids access to social media accounts -- whether theirs or yours, whether they're "old enough" or not -- without any guidance or oversight is not so different from letting your kid drive a car on the highway without any training. The damage may not be physical, and with a little luck there wont be any damage at all, but...images seen cannot be unseen, words said cannot be unsaid, things heard cannot be unheard. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, even when it's back to school after an extended break. #12

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